The Titan Manual model has proven to be a reliable crush for the UK market. With split top and bottom doors as well as neck and back access the crush allows many tasks to be carried out without restriction.

It has many unrivaled standard features on all crushes such as the following

- Parallel squeeze for restraining agitated stock
- Anti-slip backing bar system with unique safety locking feature
- Innovative control console with cupboard, weigh head mount and cover
- Front and rear operated head yoke for optimum hold
- Nylon slam latches to reduce noise levels
- Anti- skid rubber floor to improve grip which also makes for easy cleaning

Additional features can be added such as

- Offside drafting handle for easy seperation
- Integrated EID gate reader (only one available to the UK market)
- Integrated load cells
- Baulk gate

The main frame of all crushes are manufactured from 75mm x 75mm RHS and are all finished by hot dip galvanising to ensure longevity. Each crush also comes with a 36 month guarantee.

For more information download our brochure here Click here to download this file