Our range of drinkers start from 20 gallon single drinkers through to 400 gallon field drinkers and come supplied with bungs and ballcocks as standard.


Steel cage and fibre reinforced concrete making for a robust drinker to suit all elements.

Bung system on all sizes to allow quick cleaning. 

Fast emptying bung that can be reached from above water level and allows the largest of drinker to be drained in less than a minute. 

Easily assembled lid to protect bung and ballcock from stock.

Below ground fill on the 165 and 400 gallon drinkers preventing pipes from freezing in harsh climates.


20 gallon                 825          495             405      188kgs

40 gallon                1575          495            405      330kgs

50 gallon                1575          660            460      460kgs

80 gallon                1575          815            560      585kgs

165 gallon               2100          975            635      900kgs

400 gallon               3000         1145           840     1750kgs

 all dimensions are in mm and are approximate