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Agri Waste System

W & W Mackie Ltd are Solway waste collectors and Suppliers of Bins & Liners

     (The answer to farm plastic waste is in the bin)


          Bin and Liner System

           Agri Waste Stream 1        

           Silage Wrap

           Silage Pit Covers

           Small Plastic Feed Bags

           Plastic Packaging

           Sawdust Bags

           Shrink Wrap, Pallet Covers & Other Similar Plastic Packaging










             Agri Waste Stream 2

             Bulk Fertiliser Bags

             Bulk Feed Bags

             Bulk Seed Bags

            (No need to remove inner liner)









             Agri Waste Stream 3

              Mineral Tubs




             Agri Waste Stream 4

             Rigid plastic spray drums & Lids (Foil Tops to be Removed)

             Plastic Containers & Lids

             Wormer Containers etc

            (All must be triple rinsed, Containers can be Compressed or Crushed)













             Agri Waste Stream 5

             Net Wrap & String/Twine








Each waste transaction will generate a waste transfer note as proof of uplift and recycling.

For information on the Solway bins and liners please click the button below.

 If you require any more information, please give the office a call on 019755 62119. 

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