Cattle Handling 

To ensure a safe working environment for you and your stock,  is essential to have as practical a handling system as possible.

Handling systems can be supplied as a bespoke system or off the shelf item depending on your requirements.

If you are planning a new set-up or refurbishing an existing system why not give us a call to arrange a visit.

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Fixed Handling Systems 

Can be customised to best utilise the working area, sliding gates, pens and loading bays can be incorporated to suit your requirements. Choice of systems depending on preference.

Fixed Handling System

Rotex System 

Extremely useful system that can be built quick and easy. System can be used as a left or right hand unit and comes with its own transportation frame. Can be used within a yard or field alike.

cattle handling

cattle handling

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Auto Head Yoke

Can be added to hurdles to be used as a temporary crush or within a more permanent system compatible with an IAE super scoop.

Auto Head Yoke

Super Scoop

Can be retro fitted to crush gates by either using compatible brackets or mounting with a post and socket system. Restricts the head movement of the animal to allow tagging and dosing to be carried out with minimal stress.


Super Scoop

Sliding Gate

For use within a race system, the sliding gate can have lugs on either side to join gates or can be bolted to the rear of a crush.

Gate can be opened from both sides. 

Non Return Gates

Non return gates can be can be fitted to system to allow flow of stock to be continuous. System can be attached to new or existing gates and can be supplied as left or right handed units.

Cattle Hurdles

Hurdles can be supplied in various lengths and heights and can also incorporate inspection gates, access gates and calving yokes.

Post and Rail System

Post and rail system is a quick and simplistic way to create pens or collecting areas. With cored slots on the posts it allows the tubes to slide in through. with using this system there are no square edges or gate hangers and latches to catch the stock.

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