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Working in transport & logistics where heavy and awkward goods need to be lifted, safety is of critical importance to us.

Our HIAB crane mounted vehicles are perfect for lifting and transporting of large bulky items such as cabins, containers, modular buildings, or anything else that requires to be lifted. The Hiab mounted vehicle effectively removes the need for a crane on-site which saves time and money. Hiab cranes are an excellent choice for awkward or restricted areas, allowing easy loading and unloading from otherwise inaccessible spaces including over fences or from raised or sunken areas, With only a small amount of space taken up by the crane mechanism allows us allowing us to move what you need to where you need it easily. Specialised training is required to operate a crane, and our drivers are fully trained and qualified to use our equipment.

Why us?

  • Honest and reliable operators

  • 3x HIAB Lorries capable of lifting up to12tns

  • Certified & experienced

  • Competitive rates

Why use a Hiab?

  • Easy loading of heavy/awkward items

  • No need for specialised loading bays

  • Perfect for carrying palletized goods such as IBCs, generators, compressors, containers and other miscellaneous goods 

For a quote please call 019755 62119 or email

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