The Jourdain product range is unrivalled in terms of quality and flexibility. with all the gates being adjustable they really are a farmer's friend. We at W&W Mackie purchased Jourdain Product 10 years ago for our own use and are delighted that it works as good as when it was first installed.

All The Tubular products are manufactured by robotic welder giving consistency in quality

and design as standard. All gates and barriers are made from high quality steel and become galvanised onsite ensuring continuity of quality throughout.

With a full range of additional items such as drinker ends, calf creeps and man escapes etc we can devise the most suitable housing system you require.

please see below the extensive range of our products and sizes available from Jourdain. 

Main products are as follows

Self locking headlocks

The Jourdain range of self locking headlocks are one of the strongest, safest and quietest headlocks on the market. With a range of sizes and spacing’s then were sure to have something to suit.

The headlocks have adjustable ends to fit all bay sizes and a variety of ends for fitting. Each headlock has a calf guard to close dangerous areas, have an anti-choke system to release fallen animals and an adjustable collar width to allow the headlocks to suit various types of stock. Further types of headlock for horned cattle, bulls, calves and heifers are also available.

Diagonal, straight bar, 2 bar and 3 bar feed rails are another alternative.

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Diagonal barriers

Top and bottom bar are made from spring steel to allow flex without damaging the barrier

Adjustable end pieces for easy installation

Ear tag friendly to avoid injury

Heifer guard closes small spaces

Available in smaller spacings to suit calves

Can be made into a swinging gate section

2 and 3 bar feed rails

Available in 4m 5m and 6m lengths

Suitable for all stock size

Two height adjustments by rotation

Adjustable end piece for length adjustment

Adjustable centre rail on 3 bar option

Can be opened from both sides when using the hanger system.


We can supply any drinker from

plastic or concrete

galvanised, cast or stainless steel

Bowl or trough

Free standing or bolt to wall

fast empty or tipping

Sizes can be from 5 gallon to 400 gallon


Jourdain offer a wide range of feeders to suit all requirements from creep feeders, hang on feeders,4 sided bale feeders, wall mounted, tombstone ring feeders and modular troughs.

2 metre creep feeder

3 metre creep feeder

Hang on gate feeder

Hang on trough

4 sided feeders

Hang on hay rack

Wall mounted hay rack

Gate mounted hay rack

Tombstone ring feeder

Modular feed trough

We also supply a range of concrete feed troughs and blocks

Creep Gate

Gates and panels

Jourdain gates are all extendable and offer flexibility as well as durability.

Wirth a 60.3mm outer pipe and 49mm inner pipe they are one of the strongest gates available in the UK market. Each gate has a 1m of adjustment and can come in 3 bar, 4 bar and 5 bar option.

Additional benefits as follows

Gates can be rotated to increase / decrease hanging height

Gates can be moved around and altered to fit gap size

Adjustable eye for levelling the gate

End pieces are interchangeable with the following ends

Bowl Gate

Trough Gate

Spring Gate

Panel end Gate

Side Latch Gate

Single Calving Gate

Mounting to two posts or wall and post

Adjustable collar width

Frame goes to the floor to prevent choking

Easy release system should the cow fall

Hanger brackets on both sides of the gate for hanging operation gate

Yoke can be used from both sides



Caesarian Gate

Top door opening for caesarean section

Bottom door opening for suckling a calf

Bottom door sheeted to prevent cows legs getting trapped

Double hangers for varied hanging heights

Complete with chain for behind the cow

3 in 1 telescopic calving gate

Keeps cow under control during calving

End piece inserted to give flexibility in length

Can close off pen front providing best use of pen

Same combined features as single calving gate and caesarean gate

Sizes available are 10'-15', 15'-18'


The most popular cubicles are the euroloop style with a standard height l

oop through the superloop

plus with increased height. The length of each loop can be made to suit

each bed size and can be

supplied in a head to head format or single row version. Brackets to fix to end wall

s can also be


To complete the project we can also supply various styles of interlockin

g mats, comfort mattresses

or water beds with polypillow brisket board to finish.

We also supply a portable cubicle system more suited for temporary housing which can be detached

easily and quickly to allow storage to be minimal

Posts and accessories

The jourdain 8 sided posts come in 101mm and 140mm thickness and can be in 2.1m, 2.4m and 2.7m high with the 2.1m posts also available with pre manufactured hangers. Sockets and lids are also available.

Further accessories


Headlock accessories

Directional straps



For more information and prices, please call 01975 562119 or Steven Alcock 07824 818386

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