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Onsite visits can be beneficial to both customer and supplier alike as we can then best tailor your needs through our network of suppliers giving the best value for money and quality product we can provide. From new builds to refurbs we have a solution. Please see our product range below for more information. 
Prestressed Wall Panels

Concrete panels are a simple, clean and cost-effective way of finishing any building. They can also be removed and re-installed should the need arise. These can be used to clad the

perimeter, underneath feed barriers or to divide bedded courts and scraped passages. We have even supplied these to be used as a garden fence on several occasions! These Prestressed wall panels can be used in any commercial, industrial or agricultural building however big or small.

The Pre-stressed design allows for maximum strength with minimum wall thickness, thicknesses available are 100mm 140mm and 175mm. he Wall Panels are available in five different heights 600mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm and 1800mm.

The Wall Panels will provide a 1 hour fire resistance and have a tongue and grove edge which lock the units together when going more than 1 panel high. A mastic sealant can be applied to the joints to provide a watertight seal. Walls can be built to any specified height by using a combination of the above standard heights and customised panels if required. All Wall Panels are made to measure. Non standard panels can be manufactured to suit openings and notches.

Feed Troughs & Blocks

Whether you are a Beef, Dairy or Suckler farmer we have a feed trough option suitable for your requirements. The high backed single sided feed trough can be easily placed into position and ready for immediate use. The trough is cast with 3 sockets on the top walls allowing these to be positioned without damage and can also have further sockets cast into the end units as shown to allow sides to be retained. These can then be easily and quickly removed come spring to allow easy cleaning ready for use in winter time. The double sided feed trough allows for feeding from both sides and can be fitted with various options of feed rail for ease of use. The simplistic design of the feed block offers an

ideal alternative to the pre-formed troughs as this can be used within an existing set up where the concrete floor and feed walls

are already in place. These can be positioned in a width dependant on stock within the pen and can be spaced at intervals

to suit the legs of the shed. Each block has a socket cast into the unit to allow easy placement and can be removed from the yard in springtime to allow more room for the silage wagons

Benefits of all options

Suitable for use with diet feeders

Reduces need for labour

Easy to install

Sizes available

Single sided feed trough

2350mm long 780mm wide at base 600mm high at front and 890mm high at the back. 1.4 tonne in weight

Double sided feed troughs

2350mm long 1525mm wide and 600mm high on front walls. 1.5

tonne in weight

Feed blocks

690mm high 560mm wide at base and 450mm in length. 250kgs in weight

Slats & Beams 

Cattle slats can be supplied from 6’in length through to 16’

and are 4’wide as standard. Depth of slats are 185mm as standard but can be reduced to fit in with existing slats if being used as replacements. All our cattle slats are tractor loading as standard and can be supplied as heavy duty for the more extreme requirements. Mixing slats are available in all sizes to allow easy agitation within the tank and solid passage slabs can also be provided to create feed passages. Support beams are 300mm x 300mm as standard and can be made to required lengths.

Key features

Slat openings in 20mm 32mm and 40mm to suit all options

Mixing points have 3 removable concrete ribs and a full steel safety grid underneath

Axle loadings ranging from 4 tonne to 10 tonne axle loadings

Available for races and collecting areas

Bespoke slats and beams can be manufactured if required

Slurry Transfer Channels

Slurry channels are an ideal way to transfer to stores or lagoons without the need for agiration within cattle housing. Channels can be cast with ends, side openings and holes on the end

units to draw slurry out into the stores. The units are cast with a tongue and groove and are supplied with department approved mastic to fully seal the units to eliminate leakage. Each unit has lifters cast into the 4 corner walls to provide safe and efficient placing on site. Channels can be covered with either diagonal or 

standard slats, solid covers or a combination depending on the site. 

Free Standing Wall Panels

Free standing units are a great way to split your shed into a variety of storage spaces. These can be altered year on year as crops determine. Bunker walls can be easily moved and placed and can store grain or feed up to 3.5m in height. Each unit has a widened base to provide stability once loaded and has the added advantage of fork slots for easy placement. The walls have a clean surface and good shape which allows the material to slope off the unit and onto the floor for easy loading, no sweeping off required as with some other designs. Available heights are 1500mm 2000mm 2500mm 3000mm and 3500mm. Corner units can also be cast to allow 3 sided storage bays to be formed.

L-walls and T- walls are normally used within free standing silage pits and dividing walls. The L-walls are placed into place and back filled onto the footing to provide strength and stability whereas the T-walls can be supplied with extruding rebar to allow the units to be cast into the floor providing a seamless walling system.

Call us to discuss the most suitable option for your project.

Water Troughs

Steel cage and fibre reinforced concrete make for a robust drinker to suit all elements.

Bung system on all sizes to allow quick cleaning.

Fast emptying bung that can be reached from above water level and allows the largest of drinker to be drained in less than a


Easily assembled lid to protect bung and ballcock from stock.


20 gallon           825            495               405         188Kgs

40 gallon          1575           495               405         330Kgs


50 gallon          1575           660               460         460Kgs

80 gallon          1575           815               560         585Kgs


165 gallon        2100           975               635         900Kgs         

400 gallon        3000          1145              840         1750Kgs

All Dimensions are in mm and are approximate.

We can also supply a full range of plastic and steel drinkers. 

Cubicle Beds

Cubicle beds can be made as a permanent fixture within the cattle house or as a portable unit allowing use of floor space all year round. Single and head to head beds can be made to suit calf, heifers and cow alike and are cast with holes to cubicle support posts to be fitted. Cubicle bases are cast with a slope to allow mattress and mats to be fitted with minimal ease whilst giving maximum animal comfort. Sand kerbs can also be supplied if being used in a deep bedded sand system. These kerbs have bolt holes allowing them to be dowelled into the passage which helps provide a secure edge for mechanical scrapers as well as ensuring the bedding remains in place.

Portable cubicles give great scope where shed space is in limited supply. The beds can be installed during the winter periods giving additional bed space for the herd whilstgiving the unique

detachable post system allows the beds to be stacked in the corner of the yard and creating floor space within the shed for storage of crops etc. These are a popular and cost effective system.

call for full availability of sizing

Lego Blocks

Lego blocks are extremely versatile method of forming temporary or permanent storage bays. They can be placed easily and quickly and can have various uses such as storage bays, site security, car parks, flood control plus many more. 

Each unit weighs 1.5 tonne and has a lifting clutch within each for placing Standard dimensions are 1400mm long 700mm deep and 700mm wide. Half units can be cast

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