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Solway Bins & Liners

Solway Recycling Recycling Bin and Liner System

 The Solway Recycling Bin which should be adequate for even the heaviest producers of waste plastics. 

Solway Farm Plastic Recycling Bin Dimensions

The Solway Recycling Bin is 4ft High with 4ft Diameter and will hold 1400 litres. Solway Recycling  Bin Liners have been known to hold up to 400kg of compacted farm wastes. Some farmers have told us up to 750kg but we would expect around 400kg with a good compaction system.

Solway Bin

W & W Mackie are agents of Solway Recycling. We stock Solway Bins and Liners and can arrange collection of liners for recycling. If you would like to arrange a collection of liners or to request bins and liners, please fill in the enquiry form below including full address and postcode.

(If completing enquiry form for collection, please state the amount of liners required to be collected.)

Thanks! Message sent.

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