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Solway Stokbord

This product has become quite famous over the last 12 months or so, simply due to its durability it is now being used by a tremendous amount of different industries for many different applications.

The product is manufactured from 100% recycled agricultural plastic which has been collected from UK farms, and is used in the agricultural industry for applications such as: Cattle Races, Sheeting Gates & Doors, Lining Buildings, Feed Trailer Floors, Grain Stores, Sheep Races & Pens, and Replacing Tin Sheeting.

The product is extremely durable, flexible and comes in a 3 thickness's, being 6mm, 9mm and 12mm thick.

We stock the common sheet size which is 8ft x 4ft, but we can source 10ft x 5ft sheet sizes. 


Stokbord recycled plastic benefits

Strong, Flexible, Non Absorbent, Long Lasting, Chew Resistant

Farmers who recycle with Solway Recycling are eligible for substantial discounts.

-Totally non - absorbent & non - toxic.
-Can be fabricated and welded for a variety of applications.
-Excellent for cattle handling races, sheep and pig pens.


Individual sheets can be ordered as well as pallets.
-STANDARD SIZES BLACK - 2440 x 1220 mm (8 x 4 ft.)

  • 6 mm (80 sheets per pallet)

  • 9 mm (50 sheets per pallet)

  • 12 mm (40 sheets per pallet) 

-LARGER SIZE GREY - 3000mm x 1500mm

  • 6 mm (56 sheets per pallet)

  • 9 mm (36 sheets per pallet)

Prices available on request.

Wide Range of Uses Some Examples Are:

  • Cattle Races

  • Sheeting Gates

  • Sheeting Doors

  • Lining Buildings

  • Feed Trailer Floors

  • Grain Stores & Bins

  • Lining Troughs

  • Sheep Races & Pens

  • Replacing Tin Sheeting

  • On Ring Feeders

  • Go Kart Tracks

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For prices or more information, please complete the enquiry form below or call 019755 62119

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