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Potable water services,
supply and delivery 

We are one of the few hauliers in scotland who specialise in the supply and delivery of potable water across the country and run a modern and diverse fleet of tankers. Our unrivalled service means we are Scottish Waters Tier 1 supplier of potable water in the North east of Scotland with our vast specilaist tanker fleet enabling nationwide coverage and support for every eventuality from planned events to large volumes in the event of a major incident. 


water tankers aberdeenshire

Uses of potable water 

  • Major Incident support where people may suddenly and unexpectedly find themselves without access to potable water, such as with major flooding or issues with supply.  our permanent on call service means we are perfectly suited to respond to any eventuality in a timely manner. 

  • Remote or temporary work sites with no access to a clean or sustainable water supply. this could be anything from windfarms, remote construction sites, construction sites without a connection to mains water or temporary buildings that have no connection to a water network. 

  • Testing of structures/bunds on new construction projects 

  • Drop testing during the soil sampling process

  • Supplying drilling rigs on construction and infrastructure projects.

  • Public events and festivals.

Rigorous Safety Standards

Working within the potable water industry means our whole team is trained to meet the standards of the National water hygiene code of practice. 

Each and every delivery is sampled and tested during the loading process and at point of delivery to ensure that the quality of the water is ensured at every delivery.

water delivery aberdeenshire

on-site tank  storage 


we can provide onsite storage options for both temporary and permanent needs. With numerous options of tank sizes and pumps 

Our phones are manned 24/7. 

Give us a call for a free no obligation quote on 019755 62119 or email us at 

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