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Waste tankering and disposal 

Our waste tankering services are suitable for all types of removal of liquid, liquid sludge, industrial, water utility and domestic waste. Our large and varied fleet of vacuum tanker units range in capacity from 9,000 to 30,000 litres.

Our waste tankering services include: 

  • Cleaning and removing waste from sewers, culverts, gullies and interceptors;

  • Bulk transfer of liquid sludge from local wastewater treatment sites to sludge treatment centres;

  • Removal and disposal of leachate from regional landfill sites;

  • Emptying lagoons  (at water treatment sites), ponds, lakes and reed beds;

  • Emergency tankering at pumping stations and industrial sites  to prevent flooding and pollution;

  • Flood response with specialised on scene incident managers 

Interceptor cleaning 

We provide interceptor cleaning and emptying services for a variety of industry sectors including engineering, industrial and automotive.

It is vital to the environment – and your company’s site upkeep – that interceptors are regularly emptied and cleaned. Without such servicing, oil, silt, debris and other contaminants would build up and, in time, could cause pollution of watercourses and flooding.

Our operatives clean out and remove all oil and other contaminants from the interceptor and the waste is then transported safely in vacuum tankers to a licensed waste transfer station for treatment. any recyclable materials are separated out and the remaining non-recyclable residue is safely disposed of. All of this is  in accordance with current regulations.

Waste disposal 

We are licensed to transport and dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

You can rely on us to collect waste from your premises safely and efficiently using our specialist equipment and vacuum tankers.

Here are some examples of the waste material we collect and dispose of:​

  • waste oils

  • contaminated fuels

  • contaminated water

  • non - hazourdous chemicals 

  • human waste 

  • coolant fluids

We transport the waste safely to a licensed waste transfer station where it is processed.


We recover and recycle where possible to ensure enviromental sustainability. 


in the event that the recycling of the material isnt an option the waste will be disposed of in line with current legislation eourselves at an authorised third-party disposal site.

off road vacuum tankers in Aberdeenshire
Waste disposal in Aberdeen

Nationwide Flood response 

Flooding in aberdeenshire

Unfortunately extreme weather events are becoming a common part of life here in the uk. our specialised teams are on call to cover anywhere in the UK. Mobilised within a hour of the call you can be assured that we will be there when you need us the most! 

Specialised offroad equipment 

ideal for those hard to reach sites or events we offer a specialist off road service supported by our HGV road tankers.

Enviromental resposibility 

Handling waste materials requires a great amount of care and consideration in relation to the environment and the local community. It is the responsibility of us all to ensure we provide a safe handling service for these materials and mitigate harmful effects to both people and the planet at large.

We can provide all of the relevant duty of care paperwork for all your wastes to ensure compliance with the most up to date Enviromental guidelines

Our specilaist team are dedicated to finding the safest, most environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions to your liquid wastes. 


Waste tankers Aberdeen

Our phones are manned 24/7!

 Need help with the removal of liquid, liquid sludge, industrial, water utility or domestic waste?

Give us a call for a free no obligation quote on 019755 62119 or email us at 

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